Social Life

Private Controlled and Secure Site Entrance

Vadimahal residents will feel peaceful and safe from the entrance of the complex, their families and neighbors will welcome them with longing every day… They will meet with a specially controlled living environment 24 hours a day.

Social Facility; Multi-Purpose Sports Facility and Restaurant Near Your Home

Social facility will be the venue where all the residents gather and sustain their friendships for long years. The residents of the site will find and experience everything they are looking for in these facilities. All options are at your fingertips with the Lobby, Restaurant, Indoor-Outdoor Pool, Fitness and Spa designed for your comfort...

An Important Detail…

With its hygienic restaurant, luxury and reliability will be experienced together in the lobby and open spaces. You will enjoy being together with your loved ones in these large and spacious areas and spend time with pleasant conversations.

Spaciousness and Health in Confined Spaces

Vadimahal residents, who have the opportunity to use social activities, sports, fitness areas, Spa and pools in four seasons, will meet with the energy of both indoor and outdoor areas in these common areas.