Vadimahal Mina

"Fully Detached Villa"
7 + 1 Total net area of the villa is
462,54 m²
Gross Area 528.60 m²


Single-Floor Villa with a Patio, A Garage and Swimming Pool

Specially designed single-floor villa from Vadimahal for those who do not want to go up and who cannot use stairs: Mina and Alis... The most beautiful aspect of the Mina model villas, which are perfectly planned and located in gardens of different sizes from 1550 m2 to 1700 m2, is the courtyard in front of the saloon…


In Mina villas, which have entrances without stairs, after the windbreak and wide entrance hall, you encounter a clear 57-65 m2 wide saloon with its magnificent high ceiling. It is ready to turn into a pleasant functional living space where you can comfortably host your guests...

Don't Dream, Live

We created and shaped the Vadimahal project according to high tastes. A kitchen design, specially developed for TV star Çağla Şikel, is applied in Vadimahal. The living rooms with televisions in these kitchens, which bear the signature of Yasmina Architecture, will increase your quality of life as a different feature of Vadimahal, with the preferences of women and households.

Master Bedroom Opening to Patio and Pool

You will wake up more vigorously with the scent of flowers and the chirping of birds in the master bedroom, which opens to the and the pool with its functional dressing room and spacious bathroom. First swimming in the pool, then have a breakfast in the spacious Patio… Bon appetit.