In our new project, which will consist of 3 different models on a land of 113.000 m2 in Büyükçekmece lake valley, owned by Yalçınlar, there will be a total of 63 villas, consisting of single-storey and 2-storey villas. The construction of our new villa project started in September 2022. It is scheduled to be completed within 24 months.

63 VILLAS AND 113.000 m²

The Villamahal project, the construction of which started in 2021, is formed on an area of 113.000 m2 with 106 villas. Now, with your demands, we rolled up our sleeves for the "VADİMAHAL" villas, which are 113.000 m2 and 63 Villas project on the land that is the Villamahal extension…


Our project is within easy reach of all connection roads, 5 minutes to TEM, 15 minutes to E5, 20 minutes to Northern Marmara highway, 30 minutes to İstanbul Airport.