Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and Clarification Form Regarding Rights Under This Law

As Yalçınlar Fotoğraf ve Elektronik Ürünler Ticaret A.Ş.(“Our Company”), your personal data is protected, processed and protected in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“KVKK”) and the principle of protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals. We take the necessary precautions by acting as the data controller during the transfer stages accordingly. We would like to inform you about these issues.

Personal data: Any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person,

Law on the Protection of Personal Data (“KVKK”): The Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, which was published in the Official Gazette on April 7, 2016,

Processing of personal data: Obtaining, recording, storing, preserving, changing, rearranging, disclosing, transferring, taking over, making available personal data by fully or partially automatic or non-automatic means provided that it is a part of any data recording system, all kinds of operations carried out on the data, such as the classification or prevention of its use,

Data processor: The natural or legal person who processes personal data on behalf of the data controller, based on the authority given by the data controller,

Data registration system: The registration system in which personal data is processed and structured according to certain criteria,

Data controller: It refers to the natural or legal person who determines the purposes and means of processing personal data and is responsible for the establishment and management of the data recording system. Within the scope of the law, our company acts as a data controller and/or data processor.


Our company is able to obtain personal data from its customers and/or its customers’ authorities from any written, verbal and electronic media, third parties and/or legal authorities for the following purposes and for the purposes of presenting the products/services we offer within the determined legal framework and fulfilling our contractual obligations. Your personal data collected through these methods can be processed and transferred for the purposes stated below, within the framework of the processing conditions of personal data and special quality personal data of the KVKK.


Our company processes, stores and transfers personal data and sensitive personal data that it considers necessary only in order to provide the best service and product it aims to provide, as well as the information required to be obtained from its customers and customers’ authorities, to the extent permitted by legal regulations. In this context, your personal data can be provided to you, our customers/customer officials, to provide general information about these products and to communicate about opportunities, to communicate about the product and service you have received or to be purchased, and to be used in marketing activities if you have given your permission. To contact you regarding all products and services within the scope of our Company’s field of activity for purposes such as service offer, modeling, reporting, scoring, risk monitoring, intelligence, current or new product studies of our Company and our affiliates, and potential customer identification, product sales, marketing and to carry out information activities, to carry out customer acquisition, customer satisfaction and acquisition studies, to share offers related to our services, to increase our service quality, to make improvements for customer and market needs, It is processed within the scope of sending bulletins, information and invitations, conducting analysis, reporting, segmentation and modeling studies, making reports and examinations deemed necessary within the scope of Company activities. Your personal data in accordance with Articles 4, 5 and 6 of the KVKK;
• Compliant with the law and honesty rules
• Accurate and up-to-date when necessary
• For specific, explicit and legitimate purposes
• Relevant, limited and restrained for the purpose for which they are processed.
• As long as required by the relevant legislation or for the purpose for which they are processed.
Your personal data may be processed in accordance with the rules of storage and in connection with the following activities of our Company. Although your personal data may vary depending on the service provided by our Company and the commercial activities of our Company; It may be collected verbally, in writing or electronically, through automatic or non-automatic methods, through our Company’s units and offices, affiliates, website, social media channels, mobile applications and similar means. As long as you benefit from the products and services offered by our Company and our Affiliates, your personal data can be processed by creating and updating.
In addition, your personal data may be processed when you use our call centers or website to use the services of the Company or our Affiliates, when you visit our Company or our website, when you fill out the survey, information form, contact forms organized by our Company, or when you participate in organizations, meetings and events.

Our company’s activities;
• To create the necessary personnel registry file from our employees in order to provide employment opportunities.
• To provide services to our customers, provided that they are part of our company’s field of activity,
• To provide and carry out the communication of the activities
• Your personal data, which you have informed our Company or provided by our company through various channels, in order to receive service/supply products for our customers, is processed as a “Data Controller” within the scope of the “Personal Data Protection Law”.
Your collected personal data, our business units to carry out the necessary work to benefit you from the products and services offered by our Company and our Affiliates, to customize the products and services offered by our Company and our Subsidiaries according to your tastes, usage habits and needs, and to recommend them to you, Ensuring the legal and commercial security of the persons who are in charge (Administrative operations for communication carried out by our Company, ensuring the physical security and auditing of the Company’s locations, Subsidiaries customer evaluation/complaint management processes, reputation research processes, event management, legal compliance process, audit, financial affairs, etc.) For the purposes of determining and implementing our company’s commercial and business strategies and ensuring the execution of our company’s human resources policies, the personal data processing requirements specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the KVK Law It can be processed within its terms and purposes.


Your collected personal data; Making the necessary work by our business units to benefit you from the products and services offered by our Company and our Affiliates, recommending the products and services offered by our Company and Affiliates to you by customizing them according to your tastes, usage habits and needs, Ensuring commercial security (Administrative operations for communication carried out by our Company, ensuring the physical security and supervision of the Company’s locations, business partner/customer/supplier (authorized or employees) evaluation processes, reputation research processes, legal compliance process, audit, financial affairs, etc.), In order to determine and implement our company’s commercial and business strategies and to ensure the execution of our company’s human resources policies, our business partners, suppliers, affiliates, company officials, shareholders, effective public institutions and private individuals within the framework of the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the KVK Law. Our company is required to keep the records and documents related to the transactions with its customers for a certain period of time within the scope of legal regulations; If you want your personal data to be deleted or destroyed or anonymized, your request can be fulfilled at the end of the period determined by legal regulations; During this period, your personal data will not be processed and shared with third parties, except for obligations arising from national and international laws, regulations and contracts.

Your personal data must be transferred legally to administrative and official authorities, our Company’s direct and indirect shareholders and its domestic and foreign subsidiaries, to domestic and foreign third parties to whom support or service is provided by our Company, when permitted by the legislation, to independent audit companies due to legal obligations and may be transferred within legal limits.
Your personal data is sent to our Head Office or Branches, contracted dealers, applications made through websites, internet branches, call centers, social media, customer interviews, scanning judicial records, market intelligence, Identity Sharing System, Address Sharing System, SMS channels, websites. digital applications, all our mobile and digital applications, written/digital applications to direct sales teams, Member Workplace POS channels, contracted stores, online sales sites, SGK records, call center service companies, PTT, Interbank Card Center, etc. It is collected through other channels through which it communicates with its customers or may communicate in the future, and is stored within legal periods in accordance with the relevant legislation.

In terms of all kinds of corporate, commercial and other data, information and documents that you have transmitted to our company or acquired within the procedures and frameworks of our company, in the capacity of data controller, regarding the customer company and the real and legal persons within the group of companies your company is included in (“Data”) ; with our company, shareholders, direct/indirect, domestic/foreign affiliates and main partners; Program partners with whom we have signed contracts, our company’s affiliates and their subsidiaries, employees, company officers, legal financial and tax consultants, auditors, parties and contracted organizations from which our company receives complementary or extension services, and authorities, ministries, which are authorized to request personal data in accordance with their special legislation, through authorized public institutions and organizations such as judicial authorities and call center, our websites and social media pages or/and all kinds of channels including but not limited to; your personal and/or sensitive personal data; can be obtained, recorded, stored, changed, updated, periodically controlled, rearranged, classified, stored for the period required for the purpose for which they are processed or as stipulated in the relevant law, in case of legal or service-related actual requirements. It can be shared with business partners or public institutions and organizations for which it is legally liable, and/or 3rd person real person/legal person residing in Turkey or abroad, service providers and supplier companies, insurance companies and our Company and/or branches of our Company. In case of legal or service-related actual requirements, it can be transferred abroad or processed, including preventing its use, anonymizing if necessary (all of which will be referred to as “data processing”). The processing of data also includes recording and processing of the data owner’s activities (such as determining the location of the data owner when using the electronic channel, identifying and analyzing product selection frequency and/or other statistical data).


Pursuant to the provisions of the KVKK, you can use the following rights by applying to our Company:
a) learning whether their personal data is processed,
b) requesting information on personal data if it has been processed,
c) to learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether it is used in accordance with its purpose,
ç) knowing the third parties to whom personal data is transferred in the country or abroad,
d) request correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,
e) request the deletion or destruction of personal data,
f) To request notification of the transactions made pursuant to subparagraphs (d) and (e) above, to third parties to whom personal data is transferred,
g) objecting to the emergence of a negative result due to the analysis of personal data exclusively by automated systems, and
h) You have the right to demand that the damage be remedied if the personal data is not damaged due to unlawful processing.
Requests submitted within this scope will be concluded free of charge by our Company within thirty days at the latest. However, if a fee is stipulated by the Personal Data Protection Board, the fee in the tariff determined by our Company may be charged.


Pursuant to paragraph 1 of Article 13 of the KVK Law, you may submit your request regarding the exercise of your above-mentioned rights to our Company in writing or by other methods determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.
If you want to contact us, give feedback or ask your questions within the scope of KVKK, you can send your identity documents and petition to Göl Vadisi, Alkent 200 Mah. 12th St. No: 2 218 Island 4 Parcel Büyükçekmece / Istanbul address, send it via a notary public or send it to …@…… with secure electronic signature. In this context, we would like to remind you that your written applications on the subject may be accepted following the identity verification to be made by us.


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