Yalçınlar continued to operate in the photography industry, which was launched in 1958 by the father (late) Hasan Yalçın until 2010. It served as the sole agent in Turkey of many global brands together with the retail stores it owns. During this period, it has become an industry leader and brand with its principles of integrity and quality service. With the development of digital technology in the early 2000s negatively affecting the photography industry, YALÇINLAR Board Chairman Hakan YALÇIN decided to operate in the construction industry as well as the photography industry.

"Yalçınlar in the Construction Sector"

Started the construction sector with the Gölmahal project of 38 villas in 2010, Yalçınlar continued with the Batımahal project of 150 villas in 2015, completing both projects and handing over to their owners. The Villamahal project, the construction of which started in 2021, is located on an area of 183,000 m2 with 106 villas. Now, with your requests, we rolled up our sleeves for the "VADİMAHAL" villas, a project with an area of 113.000 m2 and consisted of 63 Villas, on the land that is the Villamahal extension...

Our Completed Projects and our ongoing Projects


With our first project Gölmahal, we built villas that save money by using the power of water, sun, wind and air. “Gölmahal”, where 38 villas of 580 square meters are located on a green land on an area of 92,470 square meters; It comes to the fore with its environmentally friendly, energy-saving smart system applications. The environmentalist project, which produces its own resources and offers to nature what it takes from nature, attaches great importance to every detail, from the materials used in the construction of the villas to the features that will allow you to save while you live, by giving importance to the future of our planet against the global climate change threat. Gölmahal was completed in 2015 and made available to its residents.


We Offer the Most Useful Villa Life... We have redefined the "detached villa with garden" life in line with our sectoral experiences and our domestic and international functional detached villa living researches. During the project development phase, we developed BATIMAHAL to meet the expectations of the Living Room - Kitchen - Bedrooms sections, which are desired in the villa life, in accordance with their functional sizes, to the maximum extent, and we defined the name of this new life as "TWO FLOOR VILLA" in accordance with the standard. The delivery of the stages in Batımahal started in 2017 and all stages were completed in 2020 and made available to the residents.


As of August 2021, it has started the Villamahal project, which consists of 3 models and 106 villas, designed on a land of 183,000 m2 with YALÇINLAR's understanding of quality and different architectural structure in the region. The Villamahal Project will be delivered to its new buyers by the end of 2023, with the slogan ``NOT INCOMPLETE, WİLL PERFECTLY COMPLETE"


There will be a total of 63 villas, consisting of single-storey and 2-storey villas, in our new project, which will consist of 3 different models, on a land of 113.000m2 owned by Yalçınlar in the Büyükçekmece lake valley. The construction of our new villa project has started as of September 2022.