Specially designed single storey villa from Vadimahal.
Wide and spacious usage on single floor.
A Two-storey villa with for large families.

A Privileged Life Once Again with Yalçınlar's Signature

As Yalçınlar Group, we continue with villa life projects in the Büyükçekmece Lake Valley.Büyükçekmece Lake Valley is the most regularly developing new residential area on the European side of Istanbul, away from the "visual and noise" pollution.Now we are waiting for you at Vadimahal Evleri, the fourth project of Yalçınlar, which defines turnkey standards in detached villa projects with the understanding of "Not Incomplete, Perfectly Completed"...To see the "comfort of a mansion", to reach the quality of fully detached villa life, which is your right at the peak of comfort in nature...


Whether Single or Two Floor Villa options and in the heart of nature We offer the Villa lifestyle with Spacious Garden, Detached Pool…

Büyükçekmece, Lake Valley - Vadimahal Houses


Single-Floor Villa with a Patio, A Garage and Swimming Pool

Specially designed single-floor villa from Vadimahal for those who do not want to go up and who cannot use stairs: Mina... The most beautiful aspect of the Mina model villas, which are perfectly planned and located in gardens of different sizes from 1550 m2 to 1700 m2, is the Patio in front of the Saloon.


Fully Detached Villa. The ALİS model, where quality and comfort come to life in every detail, will carry your life quality to the highest level with its wide and spacious use on one floor…


Large Saloon with gallery space, Living room. In Yasmin models, you can experience the comfort and pleasure at home with a large dining room for Large families, a daily living room with fireplace and television, a net 113 m2 saloon and a 6.50 meter-high gallery space.


In Mina and Alis villas, which have entrances without stairs, after the windbreak and wide entrance hall, you encounter a clear 57-65 m2 wide saloon with its magnificent high ceiling. It is ready to turn into a pleasant functional living space where you can comfortably host your guests...

Don't Dream, Live

We created and shaped the Vadimahal project according to high tastes. A kitchen design, specially developed for TV star Mrs. Çağla Şikel, is applied in Vadimahal. The living rooms with televisions in these kitchens, which bear the signature of Yasmina Architecture, will increase your quality of life as a different feature of Vadimahal, with the preferences of women and households.

Master Bedroom Opening to Paito and Pool

You will wake up more vigorously with the scent of flowers and the chirping of birds in the master bedroom, which opens to the Patio and the pool with its functional dressing room and spacious bathroom.First swimming in the pool, then have a breakfast in the Patio… Bon appetit.

Private Controlled and Secure Site Entrance

Vadimahal residents will feel peaceful and safe from the entrance of the complex, their families and neighbors will welcome them with longing every day… They will meet with a specially controlled living environment 24 hours a day.

Social Facility; Multi-Purpose Sports Facility and Restaurant Near Your Home

Social facility will be the venue where all the residents gather and sustain their friendships for long years. The residents of the site will find and experience everything they are looking for in these facilities. All options are at your fingertips with the Lobby, Restaurant, Indoor-Outdoor Pool, Fitness and Spa designed for your comfort...

An Important Detail…

With its hygienic restaurant, luxury and reliability will be experienced together in the lobby and open spaces. You will enjoy being together with your loved ones in these large and spacious areas and spend time with pleasant conversations.

Spaciousness and Health in Confined Spaces

Vadimahal residents, who have the opportunity to use social activities, sports, fitness areas, Spa and pools in four seasons, will meet with the energy of both indoor and outdoor areas in these common areas.


Soil reinforcement studies in Vadimahal were completed under the supervision of Istanbul University Geology Professor SÜLEYMAN DALGIÇ. Soil piles were planned and designed according to the results of the soil survey studies. A geotextile material and an unreinforced pile was made between 30 cm stone filling in the subbase codes corresponding to two types of soil. Reinforced piles are made in places that do not coincide with firm ground. The piles are between 10 meters and 15 meters in length and 65 meters in diameter.


The decoration project and sample houses of Yalçınlar Group villas bear the signature of Yasmina Architecture. In Vadimahal projects, kitchens and other decoration products designed by Yasmina Architecture for Çağla Şikel are applied.


Our project is within easy reach of all connection roads, 5 minutes to TEM, 15 minutes to E5, 20 minutes to Northern Marmara Highway, 30 minutes to ISTANBUL AIRPORT.


Our "Vadimahal" project, with its location, comfort and extraordinary aesthetics, durability and functionality, awaits you for an efficient and sustainable investment with Mina-Alis-Yasmin models...